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Busybee Marketing provides professional digital marketing, technical services, and consultation to US-based small businesses

Full-service Marketing

We make websites, market them, host them, create and manage email / social campaigns, and provide support & maintenance.

We're More Than A Team

Busybee Marketing is made up of two unique individuals who love what they do just as much as they love each other, aw.

We Love What We Do

This is not only a career for us, we absolutely love what we do and fully promise that this love is also reflected in our work and culture.

About Us

With over 30 years combined experience using the technical tools of the trade within a wide array of industries, we are well equipped to evaluate businesses and determine the best digital marketing practices needed for yours.


My name is Reina, I’ve been in the field of marketing and web development since 2008. After graduating from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing, I began my career in sales and marketing.

I started out as corporate worker bee, working as a marketing specialist for many different types of industries including manufacturers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, yoga studio owners, artisans, restaurants, event planners, accountants, real estate agents, information technology firms, healthcare institutions, and retailers. The most important things that I learned were:

I enjoyed the creative process and working with various industries. From brainstorming, planning, executing marketing campaigns, to reviewing results and strategizing for the next campaign. Ideation is my favorite part of the process.

Corporate life was NOT for me. Being a mom of four is no easy task, and nearly impossible when you have a 9-5 strict, non-flexible job. My fiancé and I took a leap of faith and quit our corporate jobs and decided to venture out and create our own hive. We took everything that we had collectively learned and created a business of our own.

Since then Busybee has relocated to NY’s Capital Region and we’ve continued to inspire, connect, and elevate businesses with our digital-first marketing solutions.


My name is Tony. I’m 38 years old and have been writing computer code for almost half of life – since a Commodore 64. I mistakenly stumbled into software development in my early twenties and fell in love with it.

I moved to California, from my home-state of Rhode Island in 2004, where I worked in Silicon Valley and wrote code alongside some very smart people (check out my resume). I moved back to RI in 2014 where I met Reina, we moved to upstate New York, and it’s here that we started working for ourselves.


Owner & Marketing Strategist


Web Development

Customer Quotes

Elizabeth Ziemba - slide #1

Elizabeth Ziemba

Medical Tourism Training

Tony has been helping me to maintain and update my business website for about two years now. He is easy to work with - responsive, timely, and knows what he is doing. He has saved my sanity on more than one occasion when the site has done something wonky and needed an immediate fix. I am happy to recommend Tony whether you need a new site, revamping an existing one, or help with running your current site.

Elizabeth Ziemba's Review
Mary & Cindy - slide #4

Mary & Cindy

Artisans List

Reina, your positive attitude is so important to our start-up. Thanks for all of your efforts this year!

Mike Grossman - slide #6

Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman Consulting

I've worked with Tony on several website development projects and he's very skilled and great to work with. He hits deadlines and communicates clearly. Also, he's got a great approach to working with clients and he's available when you need him. I highly recommend working with Tony.

Mike Grossman's Review
Willene Altera - slide #9

Willene Altera

Perfectly Flawless Affairs

Thank you so much for all your work and patience. You did an amazing job on our website.

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