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About Us

Local Marketing For Your Small Business

Busybee delivers enterprise results for small local businesses.

We refer to our team as “the hive.”

Just like bees, we work together to get the job done because “two bees are better than one” is the phrase that we like to live by.  We believe that remarkable ideas can be formed through team brainstorming.

For all new client on-boarding, we internally meet and use collaborative thinking to strategist the best ways to meet our client goals. Our hive provides a creative environment where we can work together as a team and harvest new ideas.

What Sets Us Apart?

Busybee Marketing wants to see your business grow so much that we reward our clients for their success.  In order for our marketing efforts to be successful, efforts must be collaborative.  Our skillset and expertise empowers your company to develop a solid foundation on how to execute successful marketing campaigns. We like to recognize our clients each step of the way:

Beginner Bee

The beginner bee also known as new clients are the babies of the hives, they are learning the ways of the hive.  In this level the client is setting marketing goals and working on the content strategy to execute with the hive.

Worker Bee

Congratulations! Together we have established marketing goals, and now are working on the content calendar.  Within this level Busybee and the client are developing the 12 month content calendar.

Queen Bee

Queen Bee is the highest level of achievement.  Time to celebrate!  We have successfully increased key account metrics each month by implementing the hive’s best practices, and working together as a team.

You succeed, we succeed together!