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Affordable Website Design & Content Marketing

Our hive consists of a specialized team of marketers who provide the following key services to help your business grow:

Email Marketing

One of the best methods of increasing sales, maintaining customer loyalty, and converting new customers is developing a strategic email marketing campaign. At Busybee, after thoughtful consultation about your user base and their habits, we can design you a beautiful (and useful) HTML newsletter and help you expand upon it on a weekly, monthly, or semi-annual basis. We'll work with you to come up with punchy, compelling, and concise information.


As the internet grows exponentially and SEO techniques becomes more and more pervasive, there's an expanding base of competitive websites going for your customer base. Busybee can help you become a leader in your industry by utilizing keyword research, topic clustering, and building semantic relationships between your website's content.

Web Development

Studies show that your website really only has 7 seconds to grab a new visitor's interest. In that short amount of time, customers will decide whether or not they'll want to do business with you. Creating that high-end feel from the start is essential to making your website stand out from your competitors.Securing your user's interests and keeping them coming back for more is what Busybee Marketing does the best.

Brand Development

We want the passion and personality of your company to come through your brand in a memorable way.  That means working with you closely to discover your company's personality, core values, and how you interact with your customers. All of these elements will be part of your brand identity and the foundation of all your communication to your customers.

Content Marketing

We'll work with you to develop a content strategy across various marketing channels including your website, email marketing, social media and blogging. Our process includes an initial content audit to assess existing digital assets and develop an interactive content calendar to help plan and organize your social outreach.

Market Research

Before getting started on any services we perform an industry and competitor analysis.  This initial report is done to identify the current competitor landscape and uncover any new marketing opportunities.  The market research will help us obtain insights on your target audience's, behaviors and clue us in on the most effective places to reach them.

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