Website Maintenance

Busybee Marketing offers website maintenance services to improve site speed and security, fix bugs, keep websites up-to-date, and more

Site Performance

The speed of your website load and server directly impacts the user experience - each second can cost you a customer

Coding Expertise

We love code! We have 15+ years experience with PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Ruby, RoR, and Python

Domains & DNS

We've got plenty of experience in moving domains, migrating websites, server maintenance, and managing DNS

Website Security

Prevent your website and files from being hacked by securing your website and the server that its hosted on

Website Fixes

Over time a website can start to display and function poorly for the user's experience

Keeping Up-to-date

Keeping your site, plugins, and modules up-to-date helps your site stay fast and secure

Backups & Restore

Off-site local & cloud backups can prevent your business from losing important content and data

Site Maintenance

Cleaning up spam, bot submissions, and cache helps your site stay at peak performance

WordPress Maintenance

Let’s face it, running a business is time-consuming and can leave you with little time for managing a website.  Busybee Marketing offers monthly WordPress maintenance plans for businesses and can take most WP maintenance tasks off your plate, such as core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, website backups, security, and uptime & health monitoring.

Our monthly maintenance services can drastically reduce the time you need to spend managing your website and fighting spam, hacks, and site errors which are detrimental to the success of small business. Send a message and get started today.


How to (properly) Update a WordPress Site

Most sites that we provide website maintenance for are made in Wordpress. 3rd-party plugins & WP core are always being updating with improvements & security patches.

Looking for website maintenance or web security services? Busybee Marketing can help with fixing websites hacks, site slowness, GDPR compliance, and much more.

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