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Busybee Marketing makes digital solutions to help small businesses engage with their customers.

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With over 30 years combined experience using the technical tools of the trade within a wide array of industries, we are well-equipped to evaluate businesses, determine the best digital marketing practices needed for yours, and execute those solutions.

Our little hive consists of a specialized team of digital marketers who provide key services to help your business grow.

Reina Patton

I’ve been in the field of marketing since 2008. After graduating from Bryant University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing, I began my career in sales and marketing.

Tony Ciccarone

I’ve been writing code for almost half of my life – since WebTV and a Commodore 64. I stumbled into web development 15 years ago and moved to California, working in Silicon Valley for ten years and moving back to the east coast in 2014.

I’m love making things work and am experienced in anything to do with WordPress, Laravel, PHP, Javascript, and CSS/Sass.

Reina Patton

Digital Marketer

Tony Ciccarone

Web Developer

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