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4 Examples of Content Marketing You Can Use Today

Written by Reina Ciccarone

November 15, 2022

The pressure to come up with consistently new, engaging, and read-worthy content is no easy task. When you feel your running out of ideas to write about it’s okay, it happens to all businesses. That is why taking a step back and seeing what others are currently doing can inspire your new direction. You may be thinking isn’t that encouraging copycats? I would 100% disagree. Taking an existing idea, tweaking it a bit, and making it your own is what most successful businesses do it.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing in simple terms is creating and distributing information about your business to your audience in hopes to drive a specific action. I included Google’s definition below:

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

4 Content Marketing Examples

Content marketing is made up of many different channels from blogs, social media, newsletters, e-books, and more. It really comes down to how is your business sharing information. What channels are you using and how is the information being communicated to  your leads, prospects, or customers.

Today we will go through 5 examples of content marketing and share an example of each.

1. Blogging
Any content marketing strategy should include blogging because it is the area of your website that will be updated the most regularly with fresh content to keep people interested. The goal is to attract visitors to your website and begin to grow your brand’s audience through your blog content. Think about topics that are relevant, timely and will answer questions your target audience frequently asked. When creating your blog make sure to create eye-catching headlines, descriptive intros and scannable content. Also using visual images or elements make it easier for readers and users to understand your content.

Check out Hubspot blog as an example of most performing blog following all the best practices.

Here is a Blog Post Checklist


2. Social Media
A pro tip is to always integrate your channels and reuse content by displaying it in different ways. For example, one blog posts can be split into multiple social posts and can be displayed as informational stats, infographic, or a visual. Many times it just takes a helpful tool like Quillbot that help paraphrase and reword content that you’ve previously used to better suite social media channels. Get your content worth!

Here is an example of a great social media post:

3. Newsletter

4. Ebooks



man using WordPress site to type blog
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It’s crucial that your website is not only well designed but well maintained.

Your website is a reflection of your company’s image, and an interface with weak security and choppy functionality certainly doesn’t showcase your business in the best light. Get your website reviewed and back on track today.

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