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We are addressing the top FAQ on full-stack website development from our technically savvy clients, this is for you! We don’t just develop websites using cutting-edge technical tools to keep up with the cool kids (although we like to think we’re still at least kind of cool in our mid-to-maybe-late 30s).. modern development methods, new workflows, and the latest software help us create fast, optimized, marketing powerhouses that allow your business to succeed.


 Let’s go over some of our techniques and take a closer look at what each of them mean. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so please don’t hesitate to send us a message and start up a conversation – we love our tech stack!


Busybee Marketing provides full-stack development using atomic design patterns based on BEM methodology on a modern local dev environment.



What is Full Stack Development?

Full stack development is developing and deploying every part of a web application from scratch all the way through to production release using backend languages such as PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, and/or Java to read from and write to databases and also building the frontend UI/UX display using CSS, Javascript, Sass, VueJS, React, and/or Bootstrap.

Busybee Marketing can build your business’ digital brand from the ground up. We never outsourced any of our development, all of websites are all done in-house from start to finish.

What is Sass BEM Methodology?

Sass is a preprocessor for the CSS language. CSS preprocessors allow developers and designers to style websites quicker, more efficiently, and future-friendly. BEM, standing for block element modifier, is a design pattern that goes hand-in-hand with Sass, providing intelligent methods for code organization.

For example, a Block could be a page header consisting of a collection of Elements. Modifiers are usually adjectives referring to the state of a Block or Element.

We’ve seen many website launches through to completion and have learned (sometimes, the hard way) that using a design pattern to keep everything structured and easily modifiable as needed. Our source files are very organized and readable before being compressed and minified for distribution.

What is Atomic Methodology?

Atomic methodology is the directory & file organization related to website elements that providing both scalability and consistency by separating them into utilities, quarks, atoms, and all the way down to molecules.

Similar to the design pattern of BEM, atomic methodology helps Busybee Marketing keep control over websites with many moving parts, not just during the development and release phase but also in for website maintenance and future feature additions.

What is a Local Development Environment?

A local development environment is essentially running a personal server on your own computer. Developing locally allows Busybee Marketing to create, add features, and customize a site before pushing it to staging or production.

We prefer Local by Flywheel for WordPress and Vagrant (or other general localhost servers) for mostly any other projects. Working locally, deploying via Git, and keeping things clean is the name of the game when talking about local development.

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