Choosing between using an image vs video for your Facebook ad campaign could be difficult if you’re unsure about the important factors are to consider. In our post, we will give you the top tips for choosing a Facebook image or creating your own Facebook video.

If you’re in a time crunch, or lack video editing capabilities, choosing an image will be the better choice. But when you are choosing an image, make sure that your image is relevant to the content you are promoting. Take your time searching to find the best eye-catching, and visually clear image to use for your Facebook ad campaign.

Facebook Image Tips

Facebook Image Tips

  • Choose an image that is directly relevant to your product or service.
  • Use an image that is bright and eye-catching, even when viewed at a small size.
  • Avoid images that have many small details or text, opt for something simple instead.

Facebook Video Benefits

If you are planning ahead and can navigate a video editor tool like Biteable then choosing to create a video would be a better option. There’s no question that using a video has many benefits. 

Have you heard about the 10-second viewing feature of Facebook video advertising? It allows you to pay only if people actually watch your video. The cost-effective benefit of Facebook video advertising makes it a suitable option for a small or new business.

Facebook Video editing

The biggest benefit of Facebook video ads is that they allow you to build an audience of engaged people. You can use a custom audience to retarget people who have watched 3 seconds, or 10 seconds or some percentage of your video and show them another ad.

Facebook Video Tips 

  • Show videos that don’t require sound. The majority of users are more likely to view videos without sound. Most people are browsing Facebook at work, during break, or in a public setting. Don’t get hung up on what music to use when the majority isn’t listening.  
  • Get to the point quickly. Stats have shown that on average, people watch more than 80% of a video shorter than 30 seconds. Keep your ads short, sweet, and engaging to get to the big points faster.
  • Get your branding in right away. Facebook found that consumers were 23% more likely to remember which brand made a given video ad if the brand name or logo was featured in the first three seconds and 13% more likely if it was featured after four seconds.

Facebook Image vs Video Frequently Asked Questions

Do videos perform better on Facebook?

Videos are better for views, engagement (likes and comments) but images are actually better for clicks. People will watch videos and spend more time watching your ads but images are more easily scannable.

Does Facebook still have the 20 text rule?

It looks like a win-win at first glance. But, in reality, the 20% rule hasn’t changed that much at all. Under Facebook’s new guidelines, an ad won’t be outright rejected if it contains more than 20% text, but it will have its reach limited — in some cases significantly.

Are video ads more effective?

Because it incorporates audio and visual elements that appeal to multiple senses, video ads perform as well as educational tools. They’re especially effective when used for product demonstrations or in as How-To guides, as viewers can actually see how certain things work or learn a new skill.

Facebook Image vs Video: Which One Should You Choose?

If you have a strict timeline then choosing an image is a better choice, but if you have the time and the resources to create a video there are a lot of benefits that will be reaped from creating one. Overall, choosing between an image or video is an important decision that could make or break your Facebook ad. Some sources such as Social Mediality have uncovered research that shows images tend to get more likes than either text or videos. It can very much vary depending on your business and industry. Regardless of which does best, first impressions are everything and the image or video you choose will be the first interaction people will see, so choose wisely.