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There are lots of factors to consider when choosing an open source platform to build your website on. Since Busybee Marketing specializes in both WordPress and Laravel, this article will focus solely on those two PHP-based solutions, but there are dozens of viable options out there.

There are others of course! But we think that WordPress and Laravel are the best that there are to offer – but you do you! Let’s go through the pros and cons, Laravel vs WordPress.


35% of all websites on the web are WordPress. Wow! WordPress is everywhere, there are tens of thousands of themes and plugins available for download, and it’s probably the easiest way to get a site up and running in 2020.

WordPress is easily accessible and allows for quick website management and deployment. Everyday normal people can manage their own websites from anywhere at anytime.

And as a developer, WordPress is awesome because

  • There are so many hooks. Hooks are pieces of code that a dev can use to modify most points of your site in bulk, without having to make changes to each page. And you can hook into all types of things; headers, footers, media, posts, etc.
  • There is lots of community support. Google it, the web is full of questions and solutions in regards to WordPress, it makes my job easier because there is such great communication around the platform.


Laravel is the most used framework to create web applications in the US, it’s a PHP object-oriented framework that come bundled with the functionality of authentication (including registration/login) and routing.

Laravel vs WordPress

Why Choose WordPress over Laravel

If you’re in need of an everyday brochure advertisement website to promote your business then WordPress is probably the solution. There are not only more developers to help you customize, but there are way more resources to do it yourself.

Plugins: Add-ons to a website that can improve or boost the functionality of your website. Plugins are DIY, you can install them yourself – but watch out, too many WordPress plugins will slow down your website. Is your website already slow because of so many plugins? Busybee Marketing can help the speed of your website.

Themes: There are thousand of free WordPress themes that you can install onto a WP site right now. These themes range from personal blog post templates to specialized unique setups that will allow you to transform your site into a replicant of the demo site. The problem is that there’s hardly an in between designing in a vacuum and a custom WordPress theme being developed.

Why Choose Laravel over WordPress

You can essentially reach the same end-goals with both WordPress and Laravel, but depending on your priorities the platform of choice can be chosen in respect to how much interaction between the user and code that you’ll need.

Mostly code: Pure code is easier for developers to update and create, Laravel and WordPress differ in this way because WordPress was created for solving the most common denominators of problems. Laravel is a system for developers to solve the problems/denominators that the client needs to solve.

It takes longer: Obviously creating a website or application from scratch and based on your business practices takes more time than a packaged solution of WordPress, but the process takes longer. Laravel costs more as it takes more time and brainpower, but the outcome can be something truly unique.

Busybee Develops WordPress and Laravel

There’s no clear answer or decision to the question of WordPress vs Laravel, because it depends on what you need and how you want the client or customer to view your business and the services that you offer. They’re both powerful frameworks, however WordPress and Laravel have much different build processes and results.

Please contact Busybee Marketing if you have any questions on which one to choose (and why). We’re here to help you and your company succeed.