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The Problem: XYZ Web Design Agency launches your site but you can’t edit everything without going back to (and most likely paying) them. For both their benefit and ours, we believe in making it easy for our clients to manage sites easily.

We’ve see it happen all the time, clients will hire us to make simple updates on their site. The kind of updates that really should be able to be managed without knowing how to code like; modifying content, swapping out images, or even adding new sections to their homepage. We’ve seen XYZ cut corners and used images instead of text, use the worst non-optimized purchased templates, and straight up code the whole site in the WordPress editor – oof.

Now, obviously there are a few types of clients that manage their websites in different ways:

  • There are those who want to edit most content on their sites. These clients want to be able to update their business hours, add new blog posts, and remove a team member from the website’s about page.
  • There are those who are hands-off and want someone else to update their site. These clients are usually too busy to have to (or simply not comfortable with having to) login and make changes.
  • Then there are those who want complete control over every blurb, image, size, color, section, order on their site. These clients are what we call power-users.

We’re glad to say that our website development services can cover even the savviest managers or marketing departments. Our method of building websites not only gives the power-users their due, but it allows us to develop the site separately from building its pages – creating a more enjoyable and useful process for everyone involved; the website users, the client, and us.

The Solution: Manage Sites Easily

Busybee Marketing makes all parts of a website easily editable and manageable for even the most technically-challenged individuals (we see you!)

  • Images: Whether it be an outdated header image or a video that you’re no longer feeling, our website’s admin interfaces always have a simple way to upload, change, and replace using the WordPress media library.
  • Text: Headers, footers, and everything in between – if it’s text, we make it editable. Content is the most important selling point, search engine optimizer, and ROI that’s on a website so if our client wants to make updates we make it possible.
  • Attributes: We can make everything easily editable:
    • Colors: Using a color-picker and opacity slider
    • Sizes: From select options to pixel value inputs
    • Positioning: List options of top, right, bottom, left
    • Padding/margin: From select options to pixel value inputs
    • Ordering: Manual, date-based, most popular, random

There’s virtually no limit to the amount of control that you can have over your own custom website. One important thing to note is that the further you travel down the rabbit hole, the longer a website takes to develop – but the further down you go, the more control you have in the future.

For example, a recent client wanted their homepage masthead to display the site’s most recent post, using the post’s category color as an opaque overlay covering the background image with the ability to override the latest post, the title, excerpt, and the color overlay when applicable.

If you’re looking to manage sites easily, we have the solution – a custom WordPress theme using techniques like ACF, layers and Sass – they’re cool, fast, future-proof, and modern. Send us a message to learn more.