As a full-service marketing team, Busybee Marketing offers a variety of web design options when building a new website. Our professional web design options range depending on your need and budget, but no matter what they’ll always result in a quality user experience.

Design is the most variable part of web design options

The needs of web design vary from industry to industry, from client to client-base, and year to year. Design is weird, there can be some methods that work for companies in the same industry that don’t work for others. Personal opinion on design will of course vary from person to person, but our honest extensive experience in marketing and web development can provide guidance in the wide world of web design.

Option 1: Fully Custom Design

A fully custom web design is obviously the most interesting option for us here at Busybee Marketing and for your business. Custom design involves us learning about your business, learning about your clients, and providing the best solutions for those customers by finding the quickest/easiest path to purchase or learn about your company.

A custom design involves the development of an initial basic wireframe and user experience. Busybee Marketing will ask the questions that matter like how do you attract your users, where to find your products, how to buy your products, and even how to get back to your website when they need it afterwards.

Custom web design helps you stand out from your competition by being different – a very important factor in a user journey, making a world of difference in today’s impulse society of 2020.

Option 2: Hybrid Design

As you and our free consultation will decide – a hybrid design may be exactly what your company needs. A hybrid design involves us taking your specific needs and goals and integrating them with a purchased design. There are many options to find affordable good designs, our favorite is Themeforest.

While there are many options out there, not all of them are perfect straight out of the box. So we can help you find the best and most reliable ones. Whether you’re seeking a brochure site, an eCommerce shop, or a storefront – we can find and adapt a simple design that fits your budget and individual business needs.

Option 3: Purchased Theme

There are lots of simple purchased templates out there. As a web developer and business owner, I both completely understand and yet warn against this option, but it’s always a choice nonetheless.

A purchased theme is less expensive but involves designing in a vacuum. The sections and pages are usually already defined which leads to filling in pre-formatted portions with your content. This option takes the least amount of time (sometimes) and can be used to quickly get a site up and running.