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What now? Your business is closed and revenue is declining. You start to think about what areas of your business you should cut back on. Marketing is the most common area that businesses tend to put on hold first. We are here to put this misconception to bed. It is now more than ever businesses should focus on marketing and connecting with their community.

Social Media

Everyone is at home. So what is everyone doing? They’re online of course. Facebook and other social media channels reported a massive spike in usage. Now is a good time to focus on building your community through social channels. Creating a group or simply posting regularly to your audience to keep your customers updated during this time.

Create content that’s valuable for your customers

Focus on generating content that your customers are interested in. If you are a business owner who relies on face-to-face interaction you should be rethinking on how to present your business virtually. Whether it be a virtual fitness class, zoom video check-ins, or teleconferencing the focuses on digital should be in the forefront.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when thinking about your businesses digital strategy:

  • Do you have an inbound strategy with measurable goals?
  • Have you created a persona for your target audience?
  • Do you have an SEO strategy in place?
  • Is your website current and mobile responsive? Updated in the last 6 months?

If you need help pivoting your digital marketing strategy, we can help! Contact us today with the keyword Bee Digital and you will receive a 30-minute consultation for free. Whether you just need some basic questions answered to get started on your own or if you need our help implementing your ideas. Either way, we want to be of service to small businesses during these tough times.

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